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Indica-dominant strains are shorter, stockier plants. The bugs are very compact. The blooming time for this variety goes from 45 and 65 days. Relaxing effect.

Sativa-dominant strains are very tall plants. The buds are generally longer and very fluffy. The blooming time for this variety goes from 60 to 90 days. Energizing effect.

Currently we cultivate three different varieties in our rooms and we have about thirty for research and development purposes.

We put between 450 and 600 plants per room. It all depends on the volume and size of the plant. This varies with each genetic.

When creating the clones, we always make 30% more than the planned quantity to be able to choose the most beautiful plants and thus arrive at the desired number of plants in the room.

All cannabis waste is being counted and entered into a database. Then, everything is destroyed by shredder and then mixed with a neutral substance that makes it impossible to reuse cannabis waste.

We introduce predatory insects to prevent the appearance of parasites. Every 14 days, we introduce new predators to limit the risk of parasitic outbreaks in the plants.

We use potting soil with sphagnum moss. It retains better soil moisture than potting soil with coconut substance.

When harvested, the cannabis is dried. Then, a sample is sent to a laboratory for analysis to determine the exact thc level for each genetic.

We produce between 600 grams and 800 grams per square meter. The amount varies depending on the genetics produced.

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