Planet of the Grapes

Crossing between Grape Diamond X (Chem D x i95)



With an Intense aroma of grapes, this variety lives up to its name. The smell is accompanied by citrus spikes, it is an experience to smell. The after effect can be very fast both on the physical and cerebral side.




Québec : 10 x 0.5G
New Brunswick : 3 x 0.5G
Saskatchewan : 7 x 0.5G / 10 x 0.3G

Our hybrid greenhouse cultivation (greenhouses that let sunlight through its roof and use the same artificial light and HVAC system as an indoor production) in an environment fully controlled by a climate and irrigation management system. This, combined with a powerful dehumidification and air conditioning system allows a very uniform quality production. 

The different cultivation operations carried out by hand, under an agricultural model, allows us a better quality of the product.

Our flowers benefit from the sun’s UV rays in addition to HPS lamps. They grow in Canadian sphagnum moss which helps the high production of terpenes. 

Our hybrid flower cutting process with hand finish and manual packaging by our team, ensures a balanced finished product.


10 x 0.5G

New Brunswick

3 x 0.5G


7 x 0.5G / 10 x 0.3G

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